As a European network, SmP participates in transnational projects.

The following projects have been completed so far.
Study of the benefits of draught springs in the interaction between draught horses and implements

This link leads to a poster, which was presented on this subject at the “7th International Colloquium on Working Equids” at the Royal Holloway University in London from 1 to 3 July 2014.

“Pferdearbeit neu gemacht”

Masterwork by Julia Bar-Tal
OLiB e.V. (Müncheberg / Germany)
Period: 02/01/2017 – 12/31/2017
Funding: Heidehof Foundation

„Betrachtung von Hacktechnik für den einspännigen Arbeitspferdeeinsatz“

Project work by Anna Neubauer
University of Kassel – Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (Kassel / Germany)
Period: 08/07/2018 – 30/11/2018
Funding: SmP

“Hästbruk i historisk parkanläggning”

Project work by Siri Berg
Gunnebo Slott och Trädgård (Mölndal / Sweden)
Period: 10/14/2019 – 11/29/2020
Funding: Hantverkslaboratoriet – University of Gothenburg / SmP



The following projects are currently in preparation or execution.
„Hästkrafter för framtiden“ (link)


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (Uppsala / Sweden)
Hästnäringens Nationella Stiftelse (Stockholm / Sweden)
Brukshästorganisationernas Samarbetskommitté (Hällestad / Sweden)
Wången AB (Wången / Sweden)

Horsepower – Innovation in small-scale agriculture and gardening” (link)


Leader Lëtzebuerg West (Tuntange / Luxembourg)
Leader PH (Hässleholm / Sweden)
Hälde Hästkraft (Vittsjö / Sweden)
Uppsala Universitet (Uppsala / Sweden)
Lyckegård Group AB (Staffanstorp / Sweden)


Horse-Powered Farming, a retro-innovation in small-scale agriculture. A Case study of Small-Scale Farming in Northern Italy.

MSc thesis of Anna Garre


Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm / Sweden)

Stockholms Universitet (Stockholm / Sweden)

Uppsala Universitet (Uppsala / Sweden)