New Work Harness

Ongoing SmP projects

Picture 1: Bitless bridle

Picture 2: Rigid front traces and three-piece back pad

Picture 3: Adjustment of the point of draught at the collar

Picture 4: Trace pad

Beside the development of modern implements, SmP is also concerned with improvements on work harness.

The focus lies on bitless working with draught horses as well as further development and combination of different harness types for the protection of the work horses.

Horse’s head

The presented bitless bridle is based on the bridle “LG Zaum” from MONIKA LEHMENKÜHLER (D), which was integrated in a bridle manufactured to dimension by TÄRNSJÖ GARVERI (S).

By the bitless communication with the horse, in combination with an open bridle without blinkers, it is prevented that his breathing is restrained by the metal bit during the work effort and that it can come to pain or lesions in the very sensitive mouth of the horse.

The cut-out of the cheek piece prevents a pression on the ears.

Technical specifications

  • Total weight: 800 g
  • Starwheel: LEHMENKÜHLER LG-Zaum (D), diameter 80 mm
  • Noseband: LEHMENKÜHLER (D) / ATOUT CUIR (L), length 370 mm, width 20 mm
  • Chin strap: TÄRNSJÖ (S), length 250 mm
  • Cheek piece: TÄRNSJÖ (S), ear cut-out 8 x 90 mm, head circumference (starwheel to starwheel) 1050 mm
  • Browband: TÄRNSJÖ (S), length 500 mm
  • Throat latch: TÄRNSJÖ (S), length 650 mm

Horse’s shoulders

The presented rigid draught bars of stainless steel, a own development of SmP fitting to the work harness #295 from AARON MARTIN (CA), allows the free movement of the horse’s shoulders. Contrary to the flexible traces of leather, hemp rope of steel chains, these bars don’t create a constriction of the horse’s shoulder during the pull.

In combination with adjustable hames, the point of draft on the horse’s shoulders can be set optimally in relation to the horse’s anatomy and the point of draught on the implement.

Technical specifications

Draught bars: SmP, length 570 … 620 mm, diameter 12mm, crank 50 mm

Horse’s back

Initially developped by the Swedish army, a three-piece back pad, consisting of two leather pads and a stainless steel arch, prevents a direct pressure on the backbone of the horse.

The presented back pad is made to measure by SVENLJUNGA SADDELMAKERI (S) and integrated in the work harness #295 from AARON MARTIN (CA).

Technical specifications

Pad width: 185 mm
Pad length: 260 mm
Arch length: 305 … 340 mm

Horse’s belly

Lateral pads on both sides of the horse’s belly, a own development of SmP fitting to the work harness #295 from AARON MARTIN (CA), can lower the pressure or shocks, which come up by the shafts or draught rings.

Technical specifications

Trace pad: SmP / DE BITZATELIER (L)
Pad length: 200 mm
Pad height: 150 mm

The above mentioned measures are guidelines for a medium sized draught horse (e.g. Ardennes) and have to be adapted individually to each horse.

Further information on this subject can be found in the 1st and 2nd issues of our guidebooks.

Future SmP projects

  • Size-adjustable three-pad collar with integrated draft force sensors and variable point of draft

  • Optimized lines guidance on the work harness

  • Upgrading of the bitless bridle for guiding a work horse in row crops

  • Single tree with adjustable spring-damper combination