Single horse broadcast seeder

Picture 1: General view front left

Picture 2: General view rear right

Picture 3: General view front left with Mono-Rad 1.2 in maximum steering

Picture 4: General view front with Mono-Rad 1.2

Picture 5: General view rear with Mono-Rad 1.2

Picture 6: Detail view transmission and clutch

Picture 7: Detail view frame and seed hopper

Picture 8: Detail view fluted-wheel type seeding mechanism

Picture 9: Exploded view frame

Picture 10: Exploded view wheels and tires

Picture 11: Exploded view transmission

Picture 12: Exploded view seed hopper and seed distribution

Technical specifications:

Use: Seeding of biodiversity mixtures, cover crops and grass

Working width: 4000 mm

Total width: 4130 mm

Total length: 2235 mm (5235 mm with SmP Mono-Rad 1.2 forecart)

Total height: 1125 mm

Tare weight: 217 kg (311 kg with SmP Mono-Rad 1.2 forecart)

Support load: 72 kg (on SmP Mono-Rad 1.2 forecart)

Frame: SmP tubular steel DN32 / DN20

Seed hopper: FIONA (DK) Vertsem 33 outlets, fluted-wheel type seeding shaft, agitator shaft

Seed hopper capacity: 130 l

Seed distribution: FIONA (DK) / SmP plastic tubes ø 26/50 mm x 355 with seed diffusors

Primary drive: FIONA (DK) double chain drive 0,321:1

Transmission shaft: SmP DN15

Clutch: HYDROVEN (I) / SmP hand operated finger claw coupling

Secondary drive: FIONA (DK) single gear drive 1:1 (for reversing direction of rotation)

Wheels: DOMINIAK (PL) 14 spokes DN15

Tires: 3.75×36 4PR

Hitch: WESTFALIA (D) / SmP (to SmP Mono-Rad 1.2)

Bio-Séi Concept 1.1

Planned further development:

Retrofitting of a row marker